WWDC 2019 Note Collection

For the first time I’ve watched almost all WWDC Sessions. For the most interesting ones I’ve written notes to recap the main points.

On top of notes on specific sessions I’ve also added overarching notes from different sessions put together to cover a topic. This year I’ve tried to mostly focus on the shiny new things: SwiftUI and Combine. Without ignoring the rest all together though.

Let me know if there is something to add to the notes or if you spot a mistake.




I know that putting everything else into “other” might be seen as excessive, but I really wanted to focus on the SwiftUI and Combine this year. And it seems like Apple is doing that too.

PS: You might have noticed that it is inside the 2019 folder, this does not mean that there’s going to be one every year, but I’m not going to exclude the possibility altogether either.


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