Mastering Xcode Previews

These are notes I’ve taken while watching the video of the corresponding session. They don’t have all the information contained in the video, but I’ve tried to still write the main points for my personal use cases.

Speed of iteration skyrockets.

Can have multiple previews on Different devices

#if DEBUG public enum CellPreview:PreviewProvider{ public static var previews:some Views{ Group { Cell(model: .model) .previewDevice(“iPhone SE”), Cell(model: .model) .previewDevice(“iPhone SE”), Cell(model: .model) .previewDevice(.sizeThatFits) .environment(.sizeCategory,.extraLarge) } } } #endif

Preview for each category size

#if DEBUG public enum CellPreview:PreviewProvider{ public static var previews:some Views{ ForEach(ContentCategory.allCases()) { Cell(model: .model) .previewDevice(.sizeThatFits) .environment(.sizeCategory,item) .previewDisplayName(“(item)”) } } } #endif

⌘ click extract to view and Xcode will automatically extract the component.

Development Assets

Asset catalog under preview data. Works by just using imageNamed normally

Bottom left pin to lock the preview and edit a different file. You can scroll down to see the file’s preview too.

UIKit Previews

Can have previews in UIKit. Need to import SwiftUI though.

import SwiftUI #if DEBUG struct ViewControllerPreviews:PreviewProvider, UIViewControllerRepresentable { static ver previews:some View{ ViewControllerPreviews(model:model) } typealias UIViewControllerType = ViewController func makeUIViewController(context:Context)->ViewController{ MainStoryboard.loadViewController(for:model) } func updateUIViewController(_ uiviewController: ViewController, context:Context){

} } #endif

You can use it with both Swift and Objective-C.

Try to use ViewModels. Easier to test with XCTest. Easier to understand when passed into SwiftUI.

Do not instantiate your UI in didFinishLaunchingWithOptions since it gets called each time a preview loads. Use instead the new SceneDelegate.

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