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Can’t believe I missed it.

It was August, 26th.

This blog was actually created a few days before that, but the first post was published on that day.

This post will be a natural follow up of the First Month article, as it should be.

Thing I Learned

There are so many things i learn thanks to the post i write and the blogs i follow, but the most important thing is that i can be fine without the internet. In July I spent 10 days without the internet and i wrote an article about that, not yet published.

For other things jump at the “Best Posts” section.


As i started writing this article i dropped support for readability through this site. Don’t scare off, i’m not blocking it, i’m just deleting the “read now / read later” buttons. I’m sure if you need them you will have installed on your browser. Those button were just slowing the site down and distracting from the reading.

Best Posts (only full lenght posts)

These are the ones i think are the best through these 6 months, many more to come soon.

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