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Don’t waste your time planning things to do if you know that in the end you will only procrastinate them over and over again. Don’t be a planner, but a doer. The GTD method 1 is great i use it a lot, but its mission is to let you do things, if you spend the whole time organizing your tasks, but not a minute actually doing them, all the time spent organizing is wasted.

If something to do comes to mind decide what to do with it:

  • do it right now
  • procrastinate it - but you’ve just said the opposite 2
  • delegate it

If something planned a long time ago are now clearly useless don’t regret deleting it, there’s no point in wasting your time doing something that you find useless.

The most important rule of the GTD me this is: if you have something planned and it would take less than 2 minutes to do it, do it now.

  1. I’ve discovered the gtd method a year ago thanks to patrick rhone , diego petrucci and zen habit

  2. Yes, i did but sometimes there’s no other solution. Procrastinate it only if there’s no way to do it now (or in a few hours), but try to procrastinate it only for a limited time (few days or at a week if your schedule is pretty full). 

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