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I always had the vision of having my website as my own wiki. The first place I would turn to search for solutions for recurring problems. Once I have a problem I would document the solution (even if it’s just something I found on the internet with proper links) and put it up. This way I would always know that I had one place to search first, without wasting time trying every single solution available on google. I have a few notes, but I never actually took the time to write them properly and they’re mostly one-liners. It would be great to expand on them to create a ‘minimum viable article’ (yes, I just made it up) to cover the problem.

I’ve written most of these over the years and they live in a folder on my Mac (as plain text files), but they’re not easily searchable nor complete.

These notes are going to space between topics and areas I’m interested in. One day it might be about software programming, the next about folder management. They’re going to be about technology, that for sure.

You can find a few examples of what I’m talking about in the articles I published in the last few days on How to copy and edit a title in Premiere Pro and Remove superuser access for Dropbox.

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