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To Copy and edit a title

This is not a tutorial, it’s more of a note so I’m going to remember how to do something the next time I stumble again on the same problem.

Forget doing it like you think it’s done. If you just copy it the title and edit the copied version is going to edit the original copy as well. No idea who came up with this great design decision. It’s sort of understandable if it would behave that way with audio and video files (it this was 5 years ago) so it wouldn’t waste HDD space, but for titles… Nowadays that’s not really a problem anymore so that argument completely falls flat.

But back on track.

Go to the Left Project panel and take a look at the files and folders. You will need to find all the files related to your title, if it’s just a text object that it’s one file, if it’s more more. Again, do not follow your instinct. If you click on copy it will only create a reference. You need to press Duplicate. Do this for all the files.

Now from the copy drag them all back into the timeline. Of course, it won’t rearrange them as they were so you need to go and look back at the original and rearrange them to the correct place in the different layers.

Maybe I’m just inexperienced with Premiere, but I find this process really cumbersome.

Note: If your files are in a folder and you only edit the folder title it won’t work. You actually need to edit the name of the files. Yup.

Apart from the base files, nothing will be copied. Not the duration. Not the effects.

To do that you need to go back to the original title, copy all the effects and paste them into the new title.

Make sure not to copy over ‘time remapping’ or it will bug the sequence and you have to undo or start over.

Also when you copy stuff if you press CMD + A and you didn’t tap in the panel it will select all your clips, careful.

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