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This article is aimed at developers who are already using source control for their code and know how it works (a more general approach will come in a later post).


Git is not only useful to organize code, but it can be also used to track changes and revisions in your writing.

  • Track the lifecycle of an article

  • Use Blame for collaboration

  • Great for editing

  • Great for backup (if hosted)

  • Ability to use git diff


  • If you’re using Github or Gitlab Pages the flow is pretty similar.


If you don’t want to post your drafts in public you can use a private repository.

Some great websites that support private repository:

  • Github

It offers unlimited free public repositories for everyone. Private repositories are paid (free for students)

  • Gitlab

Unlimited free public and private repositories for everyone. Gitlab is open source, if you have a server you can self-host it.

  • Bitbucket

Unlimited free public and private repositories for everyone

Of course if you’re not a developer something easier, like Google Docs, does most of the work with almost none of the complexity. For developers who already know and use git on a daily basis this is a great starting point.

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