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Reply to Childhood Vision:

A clear mental picture appears to me when I try to imagine who I want to be

This sounds like a great writing prompt for a “What to write about” column.

What would YOU image?

[Started as a comment, but was getting too long]

My idea is less abstract, and more material I guess. I share the idea of this scholar aurea though.

I have already laid out my goals for the next 5 years:

I’ve been trying to accomplish the first point of that list for a while, but with the current price of housing it has taken a long time1.

  • A house in the countryside with lots of green.

I guess I love what it represents. The freedom of living and working surrounded by nature. I’ve lived in big cities my whole life and I have enough of the noise, pollution, small spaces that living in big cities entail.

On this front I hopefully will be able to share something more sometime next year.

The other points in there are easier.

Apart from the happiness one.

I feel that as humans we’re always envious, always looking at others for validation. It is neither good nor healthy.

You should never compare yourself to others, it is only doing yourself a disservice. You are different: different live experience, different upbringing, different opportunities.

Focus on what makes you happy. What you wanna do and who you wanna be.

  1. And it is still going to take some time. 

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