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My 5 Year Plan

Often times we are so lost in the moment and in our routine that we forget about the bigger picture. I know what I’m doing right now, what I’ll be doing during the week. What can I say about where I’ll be in 5 years? Am I planning for it? Am I making the best decisions that will put me where I want to be?

It’s always a good idea to stop for a moment at the start of the year to think and ponder about where your life is going. If you’re happy with its current trajectory and if you’re not, make changes.

My top 3 plans for the next 5 years:

  1. Get a house
  2. Learn more web development
  3. Write more

On top of those, there are the always present and overarching life goals of:

  • Being happy

If you’re not happy you should stop and think why that’s not the case and make changes to fix it. That doesn’t mean that you’re always happy of course, and being sad it’s totally fine. What I mean is that if you’re almost never happy, there’s a problem.

  • Have a fulfilling job

Your job should enable you to do what you want to do. Not define who you are.

I love programming and any kind of programming job is great, I’d be miserable doing most manual jobs. That’s not what I am. On top of that, I’d do a terrible job at it, being terrible at most manual stuff.

  • Spend quality time with my wife

When you’re busy working on some big project your loved ones are the ones who get less attention and care. Working long hours is a plague in the industry and it might be fine if you’re single and in your 20s, but if you’re not single a proper work-life balance is everything. You might have days when you end up working late, but you also need to set up days when you’re not working at all. The idea of always busy and always working is toxic.

Does your job define who you are? It’s time to stop it.

You work to live. Do not live to work.

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