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I’ve been writing every single day for 6 months.

Since I’ve started writing 200 words a day I find myself with way more ideas than before. That doesn’t mean that every single idea will become an article. Those ideas will maybe never develop and become anything more than a few paragraphs in a text file, but it’s miles ahead from before where I almost lost the ability to consistently generate new ones.

I also found myself wanting to document problems as they occurred,their resolution and tips on how to do stuff. I found myself coming back the articles once I struggled again with the same problem.

I wrote about Databases, Unity, Adobe Premiere, multiple times about iOS, Android, Flutter and more.

I started the journey with around 40 ideas for articles that I had written during the course of years. I was sure that by the 100th day my drafts folder would be empty. One of the reasons I started is that I knew I had some content if drought struck me, but it didn’t. The ideas kept piling up. At this time my notes folder (which includes both words that I want to share with the world and ideas that I’m planning to keep private) is three times bigger than when I started.

If you’re unsure whether you are going to have enough ideas to keep going, don’t the ideas will come. The real problem is consistently finding the time to write, but it being 200 words I guess you can manage to sneak in 20 minutes a day.

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