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2018 Recap


Earlier in the year I left my full-time job to start working on my own. It’s very fulfilling since you’re the boss and you decide your own hours.

Don’t fall in the habit of constantly overworking though. Sometimes you really need to, but if you find yourself overworked all the times it might be time to start offloading your work onto someone else. It doesn’t necessarily need that you need to turn into an actual company and start hiring people, it might just mean that you can hire another freelancer to do part of the work.

Free My Desktop

In October I found the need of having a clean slate on my desktop to record a few videos for a client so I quickly build and shipped Free My Desktop. It reached more than 300 upvotes on product hunt and a few thousand downloads (with 500+ Monthly Active Users).

IPLocation 2

In November I launched the private alpha (to my newsletter subscribers) and the public beta on my website of IPLocation 2. In December I soft launched it. I plan to properly launch it on Product Hunt sometime in mid-January.


Last month I announced that I’m working on a new Mac application WriteRise. I also started documenting the development process with a serie of articles here. You can subscribe to my newsletter to be updated.

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