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IPLocation2 is now live. Sign up to the newsletter to be notified when the beta for the next release opens up.

IPLocation 2 for Mac Public Beta is now shipping!

IPLocation notifies you each time the location your IP address changes. IPLocation also allows you to keep a complete timeline of your IP addresses over time.

What’s New

  • A whole new History View to see a complete timeline of your IP changes over time with all the information you care about (like location and date).
  • An improved map view with more details
  • An updated UI that supports Dark Mode on macOS Mojave
  • Ability to hide part of the IP Address you don’t want to show

And more…

Use it for free while in beta!

Download the Beta


If you have any feedback on the beta let me know via email or on twitter.

You can also take a look at the roadmap and upvote your favorite features.

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