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Every company in the world works is a rollercoaster, mind that, there are times when you go up, but someday this growth will end in a way or another, even for Apple. As in a rollercoaster, the descent may be fast or slow, but sooner or later it has to happen.

Even the most successful company in the world can’t grow forever, in the best case scenario it can grow until the Earth is fully saturated 1, then it has to stop because it doesn’t have the necessary resources to keep growing (unless we discover another civilization on another planet, but that’s science fiction for now).

With that I’m not saying that Apple will fall, it will in the long period, like everybody else, but luckily these days are still many years-decades away.

I do trust that Apple stock will still grow, big time.

  1. Taking as an example the phone industry the iPhone now is growing at a 100% ratio per year and it’ll keep this path for a while, but when every user who now has a feature phone switches to a smartphone you can’t pretend that the ration won’t suffer, maybe it’ll grow anyway, but you can’t pretend that it does at a 100% rate per year. 

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