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This article has been written today and it’s not a sheduled article, as the others.
I’ll come back from my hiatus early next month.

The guys from iFix it have already disassembled the new MacBook Pro, but unfortunately the site is currently down.(Thanks to 512 pixels for the link.)

I didn’t break my hiatus for WWDC, but i need to post some thoughts on the new macbook pro, because it’s just awesome.

I think no one was expecting such a revolutionary product: of course the retina display was predicted, as the SSD on a Macbook Pro, as ivy bridge cpus, but all those improvements together is just a game changing in the industry.

I love apple for this, not the new mac itself (also), but i love them mainly for their mentality. Even though they are currently the leader 1 they don’t stop pushing hard on innovation, both on iOs and on Mac OsX.

  1. Some might argue that Mac OsX has just a 15% of the Pc market at the moment, but Aple is the only manifactury that keeps gaining share at the same pace month after month, all the others are shrinking. 

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