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Best of Reddit is on an indefinite hiatus, as you might have noticed. I don’t know if this column is going to be a once-only thing or if it’s going to become regular, we’ll see together.

Disclaimer: These were all the links in my read later for this week. It doesn’t mean that I agree of approve any of the content. The longest ones will be included in hr to keep them separated from the rest of the content.

Gitlab on Raspberry Pi

It used to be “only” a self hosted git repository on your server, now they have an installer for Raspberry Pi 2.

Foot Pedal Keyboard

Windows Apps Blog

Universal Apps on Windows 10

I’d say about time. Had it on iOS for ages. On Windows Site

Lateral menu - Windows Phone - Tutorial

Windows Phone Design Guidelines

The official guideline from Microsoft is here and it’s particularly interesting while compared to Apple and Google guidlines.

Making your first game - Youtube

Migrating a native iOS app to native WP app

Really interesting since he listed the differences between the 2 platforms.

Lots of tips for iOS developement

This is a lot technical, be vary. ;)
How to receive a million packets per second

The whole Cloudflare blog is always packed of interesting informations.

Shared Core Data - iOS

Command line Cuide for Linux

LastPass Breached

Reading the comments and the threads on reddit it seems like after resetting the password you won’t be able to log in for some unknown reason, probably even worse than the attack itself. I have no idea if it’s just a few rare cases of widespread, but I read more than a few people complaining about that. Happy as always using 1Password, even though there has been a [security breach on that side as well]. The problem is not in 1Password itself, but rather on Mac OSX and iOS and all apps using the Keychain are affected.

JS Animations Library

JS Unit Testing

Writing a book in emacs

App for submitting radars to Apple and finding duplicates

Especially useful from WWDC to Fall, as we test betas. Yes, Xcode I’m looking at you.

Best comment in Source Code - Stack Overflow

There are absolute gems in here, like:

Exception up = new Exception(“Something is really wrong.”);
throw up; //ha ha

//When I wrote this, only God and I understood what I was doing
//Now, God only knows

And SO many more…

A guy even outed himself over this entry on that thread.

List of engineering blogs

A real bunch of them. Check the first one if you want one place for them all. From there you can

Reddit helps a user find justice against a Uber Driver

Learn to program Arduino

The worst failures of the day

Virus Creators of Reddit, Why you do that?

I love the ones used to social justice. Nerd power xD

Anyway Best Ones IMO:

So you have to remember that back then programming is not like it is now. The internet barely existed and it wasn’t common. People were not just downloading Visual Studio Express and banging away from a YouTube video on how to build an iOS app, architect business software for Windows, or use a web API. It just didn’t exist.
I remember comments from the various AV celebrities at the time saying that it took no skill to create a virus and also that we should get proper jobs. I always found that insulting for the above reason. And yet now, we were the forerunners to the modern field of security professionals doing pen-testing.
As for me, I left all of this behind in the early 00’s. Too many people I knew had retired out of fear of government intervention (despite them only being interested in doing this at home and publishing the source code of the results), the rest were in jail, or starting to have other commitments like work or family and having to leave it all behind.
I had a terrible government scare and after publishing the details of some final work left completely; I mean according to some of the laws it seems that even doing your own research can land you in jail. That’s not fair.

Random dogs running - WARNING: Turn down your volume!

Machine Learning used to play mario bros   CrossPost

Why GoLang is Doomed to succeed

When you needed to compile code via fucking email.

This sounds terrifying…

How to become an Indie

That’s if you live in the USA. I don’t understand why people think that USA = The World.

Instacast Shutting Down

This strucks me as really weird, they did all they could to boost profitability, releasing a paid version every year or so. More so than any other podcast player for iOS that’s still in business right now. Was a great app, really sad.

Programming Challenges

I think that the best way is to just create a new project about something easy that you want to make and go for it, at your pace. It’s gonna be much more useful than just “write a program that splits an array using these conditions” or stuff like that. The good part about this is that it includes real ideas for real apps, really helpul if you can’t find any idea (There are easy ones and hard one, don’t do any of the networking ones at the beginning).

One key part though is to learn to think as your program as a sum of different “modules”. And keep each module on its own. It does this thing and this thing only, it doesn’t try to do a thousand thing in one.

You need to think, also, about being able to keep each module expandable as needed, that means keeping them general. That’s the base of MVC where the user interface is decoupled from the data you want to display and they communicate using some sort of “Controller”, think of it as a sort of “brain” that connects the two things together.

Windows 10 Universal app from scratch - 57 mins video

App Stores Metrics

The Music Business

TLDR: Artists treated as shit, as expected. So sad.

xcconfig files for Universal Frameworks

Most Embarrassing E3 Moment Ever

Including a psyco drummer, dick jokes, people showcasing a game they have no idea how to play, high school musical, Jamie Kennedy, Make a meme come on, All the feels, weird pictures, “Luke Skywater and Darth Vapor.”, Asian guy trying to speak english and failing terribly, “Battles based in ancient Japan, so here’s this giant crab”, tv tv tv tvvv, <3 at-t, i’m smiling, look, PS vs Xbox Take 2, Ballmer going crazy - NOT E3 THOUGH, Scripted Kinect, Girl Wood, Console Peasant.

Swift - CloudKit Tutorial

What would happen if a black hole appears next to me

File Optimization for Files

Windows 10 Universal Application Tutorial

Free licence for small teams/personal

How range() works in python

Alien battle near the moon, what appens to humans?

0xabad1dea website

And here are a few essays:

Fat People Hate Closed Down

Legal AMA for GameDevs

What is Code?

Executing Java Code In Comments

Script: Clean iOS 7->8 API diffs on

Doesn’t say if it works 8->9 as well, but I guess it does since I found it in my twitter feed (no assurances).

Creating a language using Assembly - Presentation Slides

Copy the clipboard - JS

Cold War JS - Press ? for the explanation once on the page

Random Questions, with actual answers
Over 11000 birds smashed into airplanes in 2013, finally someone found out the reason
How SMS works
photoshop battle
Lord of the rings characters fate after the war
why China has problems exporting its culture abroad
how is living as a police officer
9 years old explains net neutrality

pokemon Hall of fame - 2 lv 1 pokemons
scientific research program

WatchKit to Watch app

If you already have a Watch app written for iOS 8.2, you may deliver both versions of your Watch app inside the same iOS app.

Cydia Developement Resources.

Last, but not the least JailbreakCon is going to start on June 20 if anyone’s interested.

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