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What Would you do if you were the last man on Earth? Tough question, but everyone has thought about it at least once in their lifetime.

On Reddit there’s a great post which talks about everything you would need just in case.

Phase 6 - Keep your mind busy
Write about what you’ve done. Every day. Write your thoughts, your transgressions, your hopes, your angers. As you fill books, put them in some permanent enclosure of sorts, sheltered from the elements.
Gather up Atlases, Medical Books, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Put them all in the same place. Who knows what evolution has in store? Perhaps in a couple hundred million years, some badger learns to make fire and read. It’s your legacy and you can’t accept the fact that this is the end of intelligent life. Write for them. Explain what transpired. If only to keep your mind busy and your heart steady.

If you’ve gone mad no training can save you. And the thought of being alone forever is the best way to lose your mind.

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