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After more than a week writing 200 words a day, I find that ideas come more easily. I was planning on having a file with the title of a few topics I could write about in case I got stuck with a blank page, but I didn’t use it at all yet.

Instead, I have a folder with 4 articles already outlined and ready to be written at any moment.

The more consistently you write, the easier it gets.


First, you need to set up a process to capture your ideas.

The easier place to do it is your smartphone since it’s always with you. Use a simple app without lots of feature and distractions, so you can fire it up and quickly write a note. Close the app and forget it. No time wasted.


After that, you need a system to organize your ideas.

While writing ideas as they come up you will find yourself submerged with ideas, most of them worthless. You need a system to pick the few good ones from the rest.

I also have a Hazel rule that automatically titles them with the date and files them in the appropriate folder. It is not needed, but if you find yourself moving and renaming files manually more than twice, automate it.


Most of this process will be manually going through old entries once a day, or once a week and review them.

Go back and keep track of the recurring ones and the ones you would most like to write about.


Once you pick a topic, you don’t need to start writing the whole article right away. You can just create an outline and write it later. If you feel the urge to write though go ahead and do it.

I’ve written a whole article on writing ideas and on the reasons why I’m writing 200 words a day.

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