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Here what I said a few days ago on the Instagram acquisition:

First reaction: noooooo.

Although I do hope that Facebook will keep their word and keep developing Instagram independently, I’m really afraid it would end up as it happened with Gowalla a few years ago – they disappeared.

I still hope for the best, but most of the blogosphere is skeptical: Ben Brooks has already deleted his account.

I thought I had been clear enough, but from a few messages, I got that doesn’t seem the case.

I’d like to clarify (once for all) my position on the Instagram acquisition.

If I were the CEO of Instagram I would have done the same thing, a billion dollar is just too much money for saying no, especially if you still - after years - don’t have any business model at all.

What I did was pointing out my very first reaction, my fear of what Facebook could do now. That doesn’t mean I’m sure it’ll happen and it doesn’t mean I hate Instagram or Facebook.
I only said that I don’t trust Facebook (as I don’t trust Google, honestly I trust Google even less).

Then I pointed out the fact that Ben Brooks quitted just after the news broke; he had his reason, right reasons from my standpoint, I don’t condemn him for that, but neither approve his decision.
I think that it’s still too early to do anything, we have to take a closer look at the next move from Facebook, only then we can decide: stay or leave.

As I said if anything (including their privacy policy) won’t change I have no reason to quit, it’s a great app and a great service, I just love it!

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