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Best of Reddit - Introduction:

There are so many great threads on reddit, every single day, but soon they disappear into the void - for the very nature of reddit itself. This is a place to save what I find most “useful” in a given week.

I’d bet that the quality of this panel is gonna vary a lot on a week by week basis, but I hope that overall it’s gonna be worthwile — you’ll be the judge of that.

• What if the D-Day never happened

Without the D-Day the world would be a completely different place with the soviets storming all over Europe and changing the balance of world power probably for a very long time.

Confusing Label

How a wrong translation can drastically ruin everything. [NSFW]

Industrialization in Middle Earth

The link is misleading, don’t mind it.

What to do if you got control over squirrels

For once a single comment, but it struck me out how that could really work even in today’s world. But imagine what would happen if it happened a few hundreds years in the past, you would ended up as god.

What happens after a wow release in it’s subreddit

Aka: hell breaks lose.

User promises to answer all prompts on the thread or he would delete his account with 3 months of gold, he ends up deleting it.

He didn’t even last a day. So much lost potential.

• WritingPrompts - An identity theif steals someone’s identity only to realize their life sucks, and proceeds to better it

Another view on taxes

I never thought about it this way, but I guess he’s right - still, fuck taxes.

Reddit admin asks the community how they should spend the venture funding they got

It’s great to see one company caring this much about it’s users, it’s a rare sight in tech lately.

The real horrors

What a man can go through…

Bonus: Philae landed successfully on a comet. that’s probably the greatest news for space exploration since the landing on the moon in 1969. It’s sad to see that nothing major happened between these 2 moments ( yes, I know that we launched Hubble, the international space stations and countless robots around - but nothing at this magnitude until now).

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