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Note: This is an unedited stream of thought. It is something weird and unusual. Read with care.

*It’s past midnight.I’ve been awake since 6am. What follows might be something coherent or it might be something completely pointless and random. I don’t know yet. It’s an unedited stream of thought so read with care and with that fact in mind.

I simply opened this page and started writing. Whatever it came, without any outline, schedule, topic or plan. It won’t be pretty and it might even not make sense, but it’s a nice experiment to do once in a while. You should try.*

It just seems fitting that I would write twice in a row in a span of 20 minutes…

While letting my mind wander I had a great idea, at least with the heat of the moment I think it is, it might reveal to be flawed in the end, but we’ll be the judges of that, later. Now it is time to jolt the idea down to paper, or more appropriately to a database so it gets stored and saved. Quick reverse your thoughts into the paper before they get lost, fingers rushing through they keyboard as if you would stop this organic movement they would not continue writing on their own. If you stop for one second you’d be forever lost. The flow is broken and you left empty and without anything worthwhile to write. Can’t happen. The idea was too good to let it fade away into obscurity like that. Now you get too stuck with the idea of writing that damn you lost the original idea and what you’re left are the rumblings of a fool. A fool that has lost every sense of pace and direction.

A bright light. And there it is again, the idea is back, not fully formed yet, just a spark. You rush to capture it again, to remember just a glimpse of what it was before it disappeared into obscurity just a few moments ago.

Yes! You got it! And there it was:

I would be a nice exercise to spend a work day (let’s say the typical 8 hours as an example) just writing. Maybe not necessarily about any specific topic, but just for writing sake. The topic will surely come up on its own while writing. Maybe it could even be the start of something bigger, or maybe not. Writing without any kind of expectation going in.

Once you get out in the end though you can go back to it and look at the pile of words that you constructed and see you can build something worth sharing with the world or if its nothing of notice. You could never do that if you don’t write it down first.

I spent almost 500 words to just say one thing: Let your mind wander and write rubbish and random thoughts every once in a while. When we just follow an outline we are forced and we write differently. It is nice to go back to just writing for writing’s sake every once in a while.

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