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At times I worry if I’m repeating myself here. Writing consistently every single day for such a long time might make you come back to the same idea more than once. Hopefully it is from different angles, so in that case, I don’t consider it a bad thing.

Even if the article has the same main points, but in the end leaves you with something more than the previous one that you’ve written on the same (or a similar) topic I still think it was worth writing it.

If it does not then it is better if it’s discarded and left in the draft folder for the time when it does.

There is nothing wrong in leaving an article to stay there a little to mature. I find that it usually gets better. You write in one day, the day after whenever you’re doing something else you unconsciously think about it and when you come back to it you go back with fresher eyes and you can find ways to improve it that you didn’t think about it before.

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