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I’ve been coding for the web for the past 6+ months and I forgot how slow it is to write code for iOS on a daily basis. Every time you write something you need to wait and wait for it to build before taking a look at it. Even if you just changed one color.

When I only worked in native I did not really understand the benefits of hot reload. Sure, it seemed appealing and interesting, but after having worked on the web for a while I come to miss it.

Native has its own advantages and it surely was worth rather than having a hybrid or js based solution, but it surely has its costs as well. Don’t just buy one way of looking at things at face value, every once in a while try new things and even if you don’t end up adopting them, in the end, you will come out better off just because you’ve learned something new or you approached a problem from a different view that you never thought possible before.

Just because you like native it doesn’t mean that you should hate web-based solutions just as much as if you like the web you shouldn’t hate on native. Be open and keep trying new things!

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