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Some thoughts I stumbled upon writing the next entry in the Information Overload series on trying to limit consumption with the goals of being more creative and taking a more active role during down time.

Youtube is the second thing that grew in time spent procrastinating. Thankfully “Watch Later” saved me from the urge of watching everything in my timeline as soon as I saw a new video being available.

It has its downsides though. During busy periods I ended up having 200+ videos in the list. Something similar happened to my Instapaper/Pocket account back in the day where I would mark articles to read later just to have them pile up unread.

The only solution was to declare Consumption Overload:1 Deleting every single entry without reading it.

Many people do this with emails when they find themselves with 10k+ emails in their inboxes. It doesn’t feel right, but when you reach that point you need to face the truth: There is no chance you are going to go through them all. It’s better to start anew. This time hopefully having learned to press that save button a little less frequently.

  1. Yes I just made that up, but I feels it sums up the point perfectly. 

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