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Let’s pick Tom and Bob, both are great writers. Tom writes a great article once in a while without a regular cadence(at times two in a week, at times once a year). Bob writes good articles once a week, they’re not at the level of Tom’s articles though.

Even though Tom is a better writer, Bob shows up every week with something valuable.

Being consistent and showing up with a regular cadence is what separates you from the rest.

In 100 articles, even if only 5% of them are great and the rest just mediocre that makes 5 great articles. If you only wrote 10 with the same imaginary ratio of good articles VS bad ones you wouldn’t have a single great one yet.

There is nothing wrong in doing like Tom if you are someone like Tom that can do it consistently. If you do not though, consider writing more consistently rather than whenever the muse strikes you. Hate to break it to you, there is no muse. Estabilish a process to get ideas istead.

It doesn’t necessarily mean to stick to writing every day as I’ve been doing for the past month, it might just mean to write every week. Whatever feels comfortable to you.

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