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My thoughts on this are simple. This kind of issue is going to become more and more common. We need some kind of open API that’s shared across all manufacturers. Unfortunately as history has told us time and time again, it’s never going to happen when it can be monetized instead.

Apple and Google are trying to centralize the system and they have the power to succeed, but we are not there just yet.

Centralization is not necessarely a bad thing though. Having it monopolized instead of being lawless as it is nowadays I would argue that it’s actually better. To be in their system manifacturers are going to need to abide to some kind of security and quality standards that are nonexistant today.

The power of Google and Apple is that they own virtually 100% of the smartphone market and they can force manifacturers in using their proprietary system if they don’t want to be locked out of their customer base. Not every single appliance needs a connected phone though (a lot of them can just work from a browser or just from an embedded screen on the appliance itself without ever connecting to a phone) and even if they do they can still develop their own application to bypass the whole system. It’s going to be more annoying to the user (having to download a single application for each appliance), but that way the manifacturers will have full control of the whole process.

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