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WriteRise: Track Your Writing

I have been writing way more than 200 words a day every day for the past year, but most of those have been on personal notes and alike.

One thing is writing for your own personal use, another thing is writing for the world to see.

I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like to on my blog, mostly because of time constraints, but I think that you can make time for what you care about cutting the clutter out.

I have been working on something related to this idea as well: WriteRise. I found it fitting to share about it here first.

WriteRise is a Mac application to track how much you write across all of your applications. It lives in the menubar and automatically tracks your writing. At the end of the day you’re going to be able to see how much you’ve written and in which application.

It’s still in early development, but I’m going to ship an early alpha to my email subscribers next week.

On my journey on putting myself in the public more I [started a Trello board][2] for the project. For now it's still very incomplete, but it is going to get properly flashed out in the coming days.

I found out that Trello did not work for me, I much prefer working with markdown files locally. I still accept suggestions via email or twitter

Let me know what you think about it on Twitter!

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