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According to a recent analysis Chrome is (not) the second web browser in terms of market share. What? Exactly what I said.

The only two company who analyze web browser’s market share are net applications and StatCounter and these two company provided different results.

**Graphs **

StatCounter July 2008 - March 2012
NetApplications April 2010 - February 2012 (it’s the last month available)

One thing is clear: Internet Explorer is still the top browser, but it’s been constantly losing market share for years, now it’s around 50% (at 49% for StatCounter and at 54% from net application). Google chrome keeps growing but seems uncertain if it has reached the second spot or it’s still the 3rd one. Firefox is slowing decreasing. Safari is growing very slowly. The others are almost irrelevant.

The Future

My prediction for the future is that chrome will keep his path (even reaching the top spot soon if it keeps its ratio of growth stable), firefox and safari will be fairly stable. The big “unknown” is Internet Explorer, we’ll have to wait a bit until we would see how the Microsoft bet on Windows 8 goes. I have a good feeling though.

Update: Part 2 is coming…

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