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I’ve [just published][0] a first article about browser stats through the last few years (til the beginning of march - the last stats available), on this second part i will talk about mobile browsers, but before a little bit of follows up.

StatCounter broke out the long-awaited News : chrome has finallypassed IE, hold your joy because it was just for a day, but it’s now clear that IE is suffering and that chrome will soon claim its first spot so the party is not cancelled, only delayed.

Desktop Browser - March ‘12

Taking a close look on march 2012 we can see that the shares are relatively stable (IE and firefox has grown very slowly and chrome has decreased slowly).


Mobile Browsers

Mobile browsing is the future of the web and here the situation is uncertain.


If you consider Statcounter Opera(both iOs and Android), the android stock browser and Safari (iOs) are really close relatively to the 1st,2nd and 3rd spot.

The most impressive stat is the ratio of growt of the android stock browser is those 3 years, it’s skyrocketing - apart from the last month, butas soon as more devices upgrade to ICS also chrome for android will start growing slightly.

1.February is still the last month available

2.If you wanna take a closer look to the last month you can check it out too.

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