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I read (almost) exclusively thorough RSS feeds. It’s a great medium, I love its openness and freedom.

The major problem I have is with updates on a post. At times a site I follow updates a post with new details or a correction. If I’m lucky to read the piece after the edit took place it’ll be already updated - unless it has been already fetched before the update and I’ve been without internet connection for a while, but that’s rare nowadays. In the other case, when I read it already, there won’t be any notification about the change at all.

I see the point of it, it’d need to refetch the whole article for every little change.1
And what if said update was just a correction to grammar or sentence structure? Does it need to be refetched? And if no, how does a machine understand if it’s just a grammar mistake or if it’s more important? There should be a way for the blogger to flag whether or not an article gets refreshed on the RSS feed, maybe with an [UPDATED] flare next to the title tag. Or even better build something in the RSS specification like a property of the page - to check if an article has been updated since the last fetch, in tandem with something along the lines of [self.article setNeedsDisplay]; in Objective C - to ask if it needs to be displayed as [UPDATED] or if it’s a minor update and there’s no need to fetch it.

We’ll see what the future brings,but probably nothing is going to change.

  1. Not to talk about how to display it to the user. Show the full article as new? That’s misleading. 

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