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During the past few days, I’ve been playing with the Twitter APIs. Yes, I’m a few years late to the party… I realize that. But as they say, better late than never.1


There are a lot of Twitter cleaners out there, but I haven’t found one compartmentalized enough. Either they allowed you to delete your tweets or the most granularity was either delete your favorites or tweets+retweets. The few cases where they allowed you to choose it didn’t work (or even worse), it deleted something else from what you asked.

With Twitterclean you can choose to delete either your favorites, your retweets or your tweets. Or a mix of those. It can also run in an indestructive mode, giving you a preview of what is going to get deleted beforehand.

You can find more details about this project here.

Crypto A Day

This bot will tweet a random cryptocurrency every day.

Note: Random means random.

Quote A Bot

When inspiration sparks this bot will tweet. What you say, you’ll never know.

Update 2018-01-26

Free Geek Deal

A bot that retweets tech deals.

  1. Not that I never played with them before, I’ve only made little scripts for myself. 

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