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A few days ago I’ve written about how using a standing desk is good for your health and advised everyone to try it.

What I haven’t mentioned is, that’s not the whole story. We also have a treadmill desk at the office. It is also rarely used which means that I can basically use it whenever I want.

You should get familiar with the standing desk first and be comfortable working on it before trying the treadmill desk.


I never thought I could work while walking on it, but it goes rather slowly and for most things, once you get the hang of it, it is totally fine. The loss of productivity is minimal and the health benefits are huge.

For those reasons I’m trying to get at least an hour of it every 2 days. My goal is to switch it to every day but for now every two days works best for me.

How To Start

For the first few times assume that your productivity will be cut by half. It may not be, but it is different for different people.

You should pick a day when you won’t be doing any intensive task (like programming).

What can you do on it? Mails, scheduling, light UI work, code review.

Start with a really low speed. There is no hurry. When you feel comfortable you can up the speed.

You can also switch to coding later on.

It has now been one month since I started and I can finally code while walking. Never thought it would have been possible just a month ago!

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