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We went to the local mc donalds, we don’t go there often, but they had a nice promotion and new burgers that we wanted to try out - we prefer to cook stuff ourselves whenever we can.

We ordered a normal menu with medium french fries and an employee erroneously made us large ones instead of medium. Great we thought, we are going to have more of them (even though they’re usually ridiculously salty which I don’t like). Oh boy, we were so wrong.

The manager noticed it and he came over. He talked to the other employee for a while1. After hearing that the employee proceeded to literally take both fries and throw them in the fucking trash as it was the most normal thing which made us assume (not sure if correctly or not) that he does that often. He then proceeded to make a new batch and finally gave us our medium fries.

I don’t usually eat every single thing on the table. I’m not picky, but if I’m full, I’m full. I’ve always been thought that it’s better to leave stuff in the plate, and maybe put in the fridge and eat the day after, rather than eating it anyway. We also trash food more often than I’d like, but still way less than the national average by a long margin. That to say that we are not saints in this regard either, but to go from this to what they did is a world of difference.

We never had financial difficulties where we struggled to put food on the table, still seeing things like these makes you really really mad.

  1. Couldn’t hear anything, unfortunately, but the content of the conversation was really obvious from the reaction. 

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