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‪I’m strongly reconsidering including an easy to access link to submit tickets in my iOS apps.‬

‪The tickets are 90% useless. And when you politely ask to clarify what they mean with ‘doesn’t work’ you either don’t get an answer or you get insulted because clearly, you’re just being difficult on purpose.‬

At times you go above and beyond to satisfy a ticket, adding a small feature or making a custom change to satisfy a ticket request and you don’t even get an answer (at times you do and I appreciate it a lot).

That doesn’t mean that it’s a complete disaster. The rest of the users are polite, clear and thankful and I’m glad for that, but the noise ratio is simply too high.


I’m not a full-time indie developer so I only dedicate a limited amount of time to my apps since I have freelancing that keeps me busy most of the time where I don’t have to handle support tickets (and I’m glad for that). 5/10 minutes a day goes to answering tickets, whatever I can get through I do, whatever I can’t I can’t. I can also afford to piss off people a bit more than someone who relies on that income way more than I would, not that I ever did so.

I support the choice of many developers not to deal with it and not having any kind of support system, but mind that by doing that you will need to have a system that replaces that in some kind. Nothing can fully replace it, but having solid tests can help, also having a trustworthy beta test group that knows what they’re doing to flash out bugs before you release to the store. On top of that having solid crash reporting that get sent automatically every crash helps.

Mac OSX Situation

On mac the users are polite, always provide repro steps when asked to (most of them even without you asking them). Just a gem. Too bad iOS is not like that at all, but it’s expected obviously. The 2 demographics are very different.

Mac OSX is a subset of the most tech-savvy from iOS which is a great recipe to get great tickets.

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