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Things to Do Before Submitting!

Before submitting your app make sure that you generate the dSYM file (it’s on by default):

  • Go to Build Settings
  • “Debug Information Format”
  • Set it as “DWARF with dSYM File”
  • This way you’ll be able to debug the eventual crash logs coming your way.

Oh No, It Crashed

You get your first crash log from release and the only thing you have is a memory address: 0x10d503000.

  • Open the Organizer from Xcode.
  • Locate the archive corresponding to the build that’s crashing (hope you didn’t delete that). Always keep ALL archives from shipping versions!!
  • Copy it in a folder on the desktop or anywhere and open the archive (Show Content)
  • Copy the .app to the folder (means the base folder that you created)
  • Navigate to the DWARF folder, for Mac OSX it’s on dSYMs/

  • Copy the file to the folder
  • Open terminal and write/paste:



atos -o -arch x86_64 -l 0x10b6ec000 0x000000010b70192a


The memory address for:

0 com.valentinourbano.IPLocationMini 0x000000010b70192a 0x10b6ec000 + 88362

To paste in the terminal is:

0x10b6ec000 0x000000010b70192a

(Notice the space)

The address for the executable is:


The terminal will give you back the exact method call and line where the app crashed.

Time to slash some bugs =)

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