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This past weekend we went grilling with my wife’s family at their house in the countryside.

We don’t really have a good track record with barbecue. Most of the times we try to start the fire we don’t have a starter available making the task way more difficult than expected.

The first few times we were inexperienced and used way less flammable materials (paper/wood) than necessary. We’re slowly improving in this area. During our trip to the US last summer we managed to get a grill started without too much hassle and without any outside help by just using a stack of newspaper pages.

This time we were almost out of paper, no bueno, and we failed miserably. We had to use a starter (that for the first time was provided) to get it running. But our price was not scorched.

In the end we enjoyed the spoils of war. Tasty sausages! That’s all that matters.

It is really peculiar to see how people living in the city and people living in the countryside are so different from each other even though they might live in the range of 20 km s from each other.

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