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I’m a huge Star Wars fan so view the whole article under this lens. If you’re not a Star Wars fan there isn’t really much in this game that has not been done better before in other games, but it being Star Wars makes it special for us.


  • Great graphics

The first Star Wars open world game that has good graphics for the time, but only because we didn’t get a single SW open world game in the past 10 years. Thanks EA…

  • Great gameplay

The puzzles are fun and you don’t need to read a guide to understand them (most of the times). The combat is dynamic, with the right level of difficulty (haven’t tried the hardest difficulties yet though).

  • Few bugs

I’m used to experiencing lots of bugs in a newly released game. Usually during the first month they are pretty unbearable in most AAA games. Here I did not find any major issues. What I found were really minor problems that did not affect the enjoyment of the game at all.

  • Monetization

Finally an EA game that does not have predatory microtransactions or a subscription. What a breath of fresh air.

  • Star Wars Story And Characters

If you’re a Star Wars fan you’re going to like both the story and the characters. You can expect a typical Star Wars Jedi story alongside funny and relatable characters - the humor is on point as well. The best character is the little droid on the cover and will be with you for the whole gameplay.


  • Confusing maps

That’s not necessarely a downside, only a personal preference. A lot of people will love them. And I’m sure that with time they will start making more sense.

There is also a map screen which helps, but often the maps are on multiple vertical levels adding to the confusion and making the visual map not really super useful in the beginning.

  • Timing puzzles

For a few puzzles (the large majority do not present this problem) you need to time your clicks to be very precise or you will fail them. Even (on my estimation) a 300ms delay will make you fail so this is really bad for people either with disabilities or who want to enjoy the game without too much stress. This happens even in story mode since it is not related to the combat part of the game but to puzzles.


Hugely recommended game for any Star Wars fan. Not really much point getting it if you’re not a fan of the franchise since it doesn’t really add much to the genre apart being set in the Star Wars universe.

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