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Ben Sandofsky:

In 2002, if you needed to convert gallons to liters you Googled “gallons to liters.” In 2012, you search for “unit converter” in the App Store.

People conflate “apps vs the web” with “native code vs HTML/CSS/Javascript.” That’s a separate, less interesting conversation.

I believe the shift toward apps is about user experience. This experience is defined by a few philosophical differences.

Using the Web:

It makes no sense to me, even now it’s faster to open up safari and simply digit 6 gallons to liters and google/duckduckgo/.. will convert it for you in few seconds. 3 steps.

Using the App:

If you use an app you have to go to the app store, find the app, tap on the download button, wait for the download process to complete, open the app, find liquid digit 6 switch to gallons to liters. 6 steps.

If you have the app already installed it’ makes sense, because the only thing you do is to open it up, find liquid1 and digit the values. 2 steps.

But if you use it occasionally, as i do, is it still worth? It depends on your personal opinion, but for me it’s not. I’ll keep using DuckDuckGo instead.

  1. Not always necessary, so i reduced it to 2 steps. 

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