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Disclaimer: These were all the links in my read later for this week. It doesn’t mean that I agree or approve any of the content. The longest ones will be included in hr to keep them separated from the rest of the content.

Notice: Some of the links may be either explicit or may disturb someone. It should be obvious (99% of the times it will) from the title if that’s the case or not . Proceed at your own risk.

How to Know When You’re Ready to Freelance As a Self-Taught Coder

Swift 2, Beta 5 Changes

Cocoapods on watch OS 2

Symbolicate watchOS 2 extension crash logs

Questions to ask yourself before using a 3rd party library

Spacetime from Facebook

spacetime is an experimental library for individually transforming parts of layers in real time. With the right transforms, you can make everything from a text view split in half to a cylindrical web view.

Undo on Android

Crafting Icons

“Is it too early for me to start a pay-per-click campaign?”

Writing Swift and Markdown

It automatically compiles Swift code embedded in a markdown document and prints the output right after the line of code. Bonus: Has a GUI app for previewing the result. Github

didSet on IBOutlets

Use didSet on your IBOutlets to configure views instead of cramming code into viewDidLoad. Much cleaner. Still called only once.

Spatial Interfaces

Get the hell away from the computer and get drawing. Use a sketchbook, or even a whiteboard. Something more loose than pixel twerking. Think with pictures.

How to correctly reorder a CollectionView

@noescape in closures

func autoreleasepool(@noescape code: () -> ()) {
  //code here doesn't need self. requirement

Log blocks on the main thread

Apple APIs automatically tell you when there is a lengthy operation on the main thread, but this is neat for shorter blocks when the API still doesn’t kick in.



-NSShowNonLocalizedStrings YES

to the launch options of your target in Xcode to show up the strings that haven’t been localized.

Meaningful Design for Apple Watch

App Store Optimization

On Negative App Store Reviews During Betas of iOS and OS X

AltConf 2015 Videos

Toen’s Medieval Strategy Sprite Pack v.1.0 (16x16) - Free (Check the License though)

Background tasks in WP 8

Sharing data betweeen apps Windows 10

Build Your Own Messaging App in XAML - Xamarin

Debug tools in Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2015 Tools for Unity

Code Signing in El Capitan

Comparing how security experts and non-experts stay safe online - From Google

35% of experts and only 2% of non-experts said that installing software updates was one of their top security practices. Experts recognize the benefits of updates—“Patch, patch, patch,” said one expert—while non-experts not only aren’t clear on them, but are concerned about the potential risks of software updates. A non-expert told us: “I don’t know if updating software is always safe. What [if] you download malicious software?” and “Automatic software updates are not safe in my opinion, since it can be abused to update malicious content.”

Web Design Talk - Youtube

Receipt Validation

Implementing Apple Pay

Neural Networks and Deep Learning Book

Too bad it’s only available online. The author says that it’s because of the interactive exercises, but I’d have still liked a book without exercises offline with perhaps links to each exercise.

Sudoku solver -Github


The text for titles/comments/text-posts are generated using “markov chains”, a random process that’s “trained” from looking at real data. If you’ve ever used a keyboard on your phone that tries to predict which word you’ll type next, those are often built using something similar.
Basically, you feed in a bunch of sentences, and even though it has no understanding of the meaning of the text, it picks up on patterns like “word A is often followed by word B”. Then when you want to generate a new sentence, it “walks” its way through from the start of a sentence to the end of one, picking sequences of words that it knows are valid based on that initial analysis. So generally short sequences of words in the generated sentences will make sense, but often not the whole thing.

Windows 10 - Launching Windows Store Applications from Code

Troubleshooting a Redis Stall

Free Flat Icons

The Web of Relationships We Have To Save

Take your unwanted dog to a shelter.

Solitaire Cards

Susan Kare’s original artwork for the Windows 3.0 Solitaire game is featured on our new set of playing cards. The release of these cards coincides with the 25th anniversary of the original Solitaire computer game. This deck includes two jokers, designed by Kare exclusively for the Areaware release.

Naughty Keyboard

The Big List of Naughty Strings is a list of strings which have a high probability of causing issues when used as user-input data. This is a keyboard to help you test your app from your iOS device.

Swift Compiler Diagnostics

Protocols Recommendations

Incremental updates win

How Facebook delivers cover photos in 200 bytes

Someone discovered that the Facebook iOS application is composed of over 18,000 classes.

Build infrastructure @ Square

Twitter leaks friends and family information.

Using the new MacBook as a developer

The True Purpose of Microsoft Solitaire, Minesweeper, and FreeCell

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