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Disclaimer: These were all the links in my read later for this week. It doesn’t mean that I agree or approve any of the content. The longest ones will be included in hr to keep them separated from the rest of the content.

Notice: Some of the links may be either explicit or may disturb someone. It will be obious from the title if that’s the case or not (99% of the times it won’t). Proceed at your own risk.

Why making an RPG takes ages

Github repo with hacking team leaks

Living with slow internet

I learned to make up my mind whether I tap a link or a button, as it was quite expensive: I had to spend the next 1–2 minutes waiting for the web page to load.

Seems like a typical day of a vodafone IT cusomer in Milan (at least a few years ago, obviouslly I’m not with them anymore).

Smart suggestions for email addressing text entries

Free music for apps and co

Statistics for game design

Designing for color blindness

Try it. Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Grayscale and turn it on.

Best Read it Later app

Solarized Theme

Xcode shortcuts

Please learn to write

Oh js

Nintendo President ports Pokemon Code

Support for Pao

Scariest theory known to man?

Functional Programming in JS

Become a rockstar in any programming language

gawker media editorial

Deep linking in ios / android apps

Wolfram can be used for much more than we can think of

iOs + Android Newsletters

Altconf videos

App Videos

Realtime effects for audio on iOS

Solve any sudoku

Never use mongoDB

iOS OSX Responder Chain

5 Bullshit about TV

Because you can’t live without television.
I’ve done it for almost 5 years now, don’t miss it at all. My Mac is all I need.

X-Ray of real iOS App

Bonus: Custom Transitions -iOS7-
Just mind that this tutorial was written for iOS7.

Going Indie

Using fastline for screenshoots
The whole fastline suite is awesome, if you develop iOS apps, you should try it out.

NSBlog Q.A.


Items that look like a gimmick but work well

North Korea’s ‘internet’

Incredibly, amid what appears to be largely pointless color graphics and screenshots, is a list of 26 network locations, which based on what we know of North Korea’s network is a large chunk of its entire internet.

Or, more accurately, intranet. Because all the IP addresses listed are in private address ranges, which are unreachable from the public internet. The intranet is called “Kwangmyong” which means literally “network.” It opened in 2000, and apparently has up to 5,500 websites on it. So this map must list some of North Korea’s top picks.

Of the 26 addresses shown, 21 are in the 10.x.x.x range, three are in the 172.x.x.x range and two are in the 192.x.x.x range, which most of us use for setting up home routers.

North Korea does appear to have introduced a domain name system to translate the IP addresses to actual words (eg, to but based on photos of North Koreans actually using their intranet, it seems as though they continue to use the IP address over Korean words. That could imply that there is only a partial DNS in place, or that with so few IP addresses, it’s just easier to use the numbers.

According to the table, most of the 26 lucky nodes are universities and government institutions like the “Central Information Agency for Science and Technology” or the “Kim Chaek University of Science and Technology.”

Of course, it is possible (probable?) that North Korea’s network has reserved an arbitrary range of IP addresses for its government and military, but you can bet they are not reachable from the public internet.

What is life like online in North Korea? According to reports, the intranet is free to use but somewhat limited. In all senses. You have to have permission to own a computer and you register it with the government. Only people specifically authorized by the government are allowed to get on the global internet, and they amount to a few thousand in a country of 25 million.

In case you’re wondering, North Korea’s official public IP address block is, and is run by its government telco Star. Some websites, such as the nation’s news agency KCNA, are hosted from that range, and are reachable from the public internet.

Please steal my app

I don’t have the time to finish my app, so it’s yours if you want it.
No, I won’t sue you.
Instead, I’ll be your first paying customer.

Explaining design to a 4 year old

Under the Hood of Amazon EC2 Container Service

[…] the latency remains relatively jitter-free despite large fluctuations in the cluster size. Amazon ECS is able to scale with you no matter how large your cluster size – all without you needing to operate or scale a cluster manager.

The future of Cars

I’m actually scared about how this is going to end twenty years from now (or more).

Public Key

Silicon Valley Dirty Secret

The summary of this already brief article is that AirBnb was trying to raise $150,000 at a $1,500,000 valuation not so long ago and one by one, otherwise intelligent venture capital firms rejected him for myriad reasons. I am guessing that most of these firms are kicking themselves now that AirBnb is worth upwards of $24,000,000,000.

New Xcode Betas

Twitter Wallpaper Disappearance

Twitter answered saying:

“We’re removing background images from the home and notifications timelines on web for all users. Now, background images are only available where logged-in users will see them publicly (Tweet pages, list pages and collections pages).”

iOS breaking design rules

I don’t agree with all the points, but most of them make sense.

Deviating from well-researched interface patterns is usually not recommended. It is better to follow the probable best practices, knowing that consistency and knowledge transferred from use of other iOS apps will prime users’ expectations. With any guidelines or style guides, doing usability testing can demonstrate or disprove if the guideline works well in your own design. Through watching people use these designs, we have witnessed enough consistent issues to recommend against using these 4 patterns.

Reload a page with content blocker off

watchOS 2 Release Notes

El Cap code signing

Lumia Up year on year, Non Lumia Microsoft phone down

“Windows Phone revenue declined 68%”

Developer ID signed apps from 10.10 are rejected on 10.11

Deep Links in iOS9

A new status bar top right link opens them in Safari from now on.

No-one wants iPhones in China

So around 15B of revenue each quarter…

A tale of two curves

(13) done buttons in iOS

new alert to confirm launching URL schemes for the first time. Choice is remembered later.

Rdio Client


Import another Fastfile and override existing lanes

The government’s witch-hunters are ready to reform the BBC to death

Getting a redesigned Google mobile search result page tonight

Why is this even a choice in Safari?

Run this JavaScript on API Diffs to hide the nullability changes:

$$('.modified').each(function(item) { item.hide(); });

Flat design

You don’t say


Keeping two or more copies of the same document synchronized with each other in real-time is a complex challenge. This paper describes the differential synchronization algorithm. Differential synchronization offers scalability, fault-tolerance, and responsive collaborative editing across an unreliable network.

“I would like to call your attention that this patent for optimizing quantization tables (image specific) have expired:”

Nice! Makefile and the C program from 1995 just worked on a Mac :)

And it really improves quality

Apparently there is even a better algorithm that doubles average size savings: Joint Optimization of Run-Length Coding, Huffman Coding, and Quantization Table With Complete Baseline JPEG Decoder Compatibility.

Unfortunately, it is patent encumbered probably until 2024:

The issue is still open after almost three months, but sooner or later…

iAp producer is more powerful than you think

Know your rights

Make sure to watch the video.

Hacking Team - About us page

Why is it so controversial when someone says “All Lives Matter” instead of “Black Lives Matter”?

Make sure to read the first comment, the whole of it.

TL;DR: The phrase “Black lives matter” carries an implicit “too” at the end; it’s saying that black lives should also matter. Saying “all lives matter” is dismissing the very problems that the phrase is trying to draw attention to.

Start Ups in Greece

US wants tax for US firms overseas

I guess we should do that too eh Europe?

Podcast Advertising

iCloud Mess

Every Mac developer that uses iCloud has a dirty little secret:
They don’t fully test their software before they ship it to customers on the Mac App Store. It’s because Apple won’t let them.
Mac developers have never had access to TestFlight, either internally or externally. It’s “coming soon”, and until that day comes, there’s no way to test apps that use the iCloud servers. Which sucks for both the developer and the customer.
Apple is touting analytics as an awesome new feature for developers that use the App Store to distribute their creations. It’s a huge benefit to our businesses, but only when you’re selling solely on iOS. This feature is nowhere to be found on the Mac App Store. Again, it’s “coming soon”.
Just yesterday, Apple did something great for developers. They now block reviews on beta OS releases. Unless that operating system is for the Mac.
Let me guess: it’s “coming soon”.
Updated July 23rd, 2015: I think the thing that bothers me most about this situation is the inequality. Mac developers aren’t getting the same value from the App Store as their counterparts on iOS. We all pay Apple 30% of our earnings to reach our customers, we should all get the same functionality for that fee.

I had to quote the whole thing as a Mac developer myself. It feels like being second class at times.. When it really shouldn’t be the case.

Your future

When thinking about what to do next, think about the long game — you’ll be working with people in different ways in our industry for the next 20–30 years. So make sure you pick great people to work with and learn with.

John Lilly, General Partner at Greylock

Apple Music

I have to agree, I’ve used it for barely a week and went right back to Google Music App. So. Much. Better. Never looked back.

Gold Key for encryption

As always they have no idea what encryption is, at all.

Create a character voting app using React, Node.js, MongoDB and Socket.IO

Make sure you have some serious time on your hands before embarking ;)

Work Life Balance

I always hate it when people identify themselves with their job. “I’m a programmer.”

That’s such a limited view on what a person is, and if it’s not, if really all you are and identify in is your job than I don’t see why we should be friends.

Don’t miss understand, I love programming and the link, but I also love other things as well.

ObjC -> Swift with CoreData

A Year Using Sketch – An Honest Review

I’ve been using Sketch for a year too. Only one thing is extremely annoying: At times - randomly - the app will crash, right before you press save = hours and hours of work down the drain. Photoshop NEVER did that in 4+ years of use.

StackView for iOS8

Safari 9 Prerelase Notes

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