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We have reached 100 pull requests for the website. Before starting the production application test I only had 10 pull requests in all the years of the website operation.1. The first commit in the open source repository is from 2015.


The whole process was a huge success. I write more often and get articles proofread earlier before publishing them. I’m usually a few days ahead writing drafts so I have more time to flash things out.

I can write on ideas that I’m not sure about and edit them from anywhere online if needed with an easy to use interface. And most of what is needed to release new content on the website gets managed automatically and without human intervention by bots.

Where to go from here

If you want to set up something similar you should find all you need in the linked articles. It is not straightforward or quick to set up, but the time that you save along the way will make it back quickly. In total it is way more time consuming than simply typing your words for the day and be done with it, but it comes with a lot of advantages. They may be worth for some and not worth for others:

  • Automatic checks that whatever is on master branch is always deployable
  • Automatic and configurable tests (images don’t 404, internal links don’t 404, images have alt tag, …)
  • Automatic deployment of every commit on the master branch
  • Ability to have a maintainer have to review your pull request before being merged
  • Public accountability
  1. If you consider also its predecessors which history is not included in the open source repository that brings the date back to 2011. 

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