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Finally, also Twitter is rolling out a proper business model, I see it as a great opportunity for them to stay in business. If you only provide a free service and you have no plan on how to make money you’ll probably go out of business in few months if you don’t find a VC to found you or if you don’t end upbought by a bigger company.

Remember the main focus of a company should be making money like that they won’t drop the development so I really can’t understand all those complaints about it. I do understand that Ads are ugly1, but you can’t pretend that a free service doesn’t rely on advertisement to keep going.

If you really don’t want ads you’d be willing to pay, that’s the business model of Instapaper and Pinboard and they’re doing great, they have no problem at all.

  1. I think that too, but the way they’ve developed it, integrated into the timeline is actually fine for me. 

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