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Here’s another reason (if there weren’t enough already) why you should close your Facebook account right now, or at least you should try to delete everything compromising 1.

Delete Data

The problem is that Facebook has made so difficult to delete data, for example, to opt out from a group you have a dig deep into the preferences and find the list and then delete them ONE BY ONE, but if that wasn’t enough each time you click the delete button an alert pops up and asks “Are you sure?” of course i am I clicked on it!. I tried to do my best to delete them all (over 300), but I gave up after 50 of them (about 100 clicks). It’s overwhelming. And you can’t just delete your account either because the data will be kept, in fact, if you delete your account and then reactivate it everything will still be there and that’s no way to delete an account permanently.

A solution

The solution is to be extremely careful on everything you share online, but mainly to be fine with the fact that after you’ve uploaded something anywhere on the net you’ve lost control over that content ( for example think twice before uploading that photos of that night when you and your friends were drunk).

Update 2016-02-12: In the end, I deleted my facebook 3 years ago. Don’t miss it the slightest.

  1. I say you should, not you have to. I have too many connections on facebook that I can’t freely delete it or I’ll lose any kind of contact with many people. 

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