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Printer Setup Still Sucks

“Just click a button on the printer and it will do everything itself”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is 2019 and printers still suck. You would have thought that by now someone, anyone, would have come out with a decent printer. Nope, they all suck. After the initial setup it is bearable and there are a lot of good printers that work. Yes, the expectations are so low that a printer that simply prints without issues on a regular basis has to be called good.

I had to first connect the printer via usb since the automatic on board setup did not work. You could also use a CD Rom, but who has one nowadays? After connecting it I had to manually go the manufacturers website to download the drivers or you could also use a qr code. This is a printer for businesses so no idea who would use a qr code from a desktop machine I wonder…?

After downloading it you install it, but this is a generic firmware so you also need to go to the control panel / system settings and select the right model of the printer from the dropdown after installation or it would not get recognized.

Next step is to install yet another different application from the manufacturer to be able to control the printer from the PC/mac. So download it, install it and open it. Ten screens later finally you can share the connection information from your pc/mac to the printer connected via USB.

Total time wasted: 2 hours. Total time I would have liked for it to take: 10 minutes.

At least it is not something you will have to do it again, until the next printer comes around that is.

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