Cisco has predicted that yearly internet usage will ramp up to 1.3 trillion gigabytes in 2016. That’s huge.

The Map is a revolutionary product that consists of creating a catalog listing all the species of animals and plants on Earth and include their location.

The only positive aspects of trials is the amoiunt of informations released in each one. Few month ago we discovered many odd things about android and now apple has been forced to release many images of early iPhone/iPad prototypes.

Internet users are used to fill in login forms everywhere, even where they shouldn’t. Many sites nowadays ask for a Facebook/twitter/google account login to post comments, it’s a really bad behaviour, yes in a way it’s a much more easiers way to log in (you don’t have to register to...

In his analysis, posted few weeks ago, the developer of Papermill for Android1 made few clear statement on the state of Android’s ecosystem. The only Intapaper app for android. ↩