Sometimes you might want to have a table with fixed titles (headers) so that you can scroll the content underneath it and always know what it is referring to without having to scroll to the top or to the left to see the title in question.

Having referrals is your most important and best way to find new clients (and retain your usual ones). You can be great at what you do, but don’t get enough high-quality referrals to spread the word around about how great is your work and finding new clients will become 10...

At times I worry if I’m repeating myself here. Writing consistently every single day for such a long time might make you come back to the same idea more than once. Hopefully it is from different angles, so in that case, I don’t consider it a bad thing.

A lot of people think that crashing is bad. No matter what. While I agree that in most cases it is bad to crash, in a few cases, mostly during development, is actually something you should consider doing more often than you do nowadays.