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Tech blogs are now making every kind of suppositions about the new iPad (iPad 3, 2s, HD or whatever it will be called).
Making predictions is not a bad act itself, but there have been way too much of them in the last 2 days.
We’ve been completely overwhelmed by articles and articles regarding the new iPad than we already know what are its most probable features, so if you don’t have anything more to say - anything really new - you shouldn’t say a thing, if your reader want to know something about it they can easily find rumors on Google or they can wait few more hours and follow the event.

In ‘iPad HD sucks’ MG Sieger states that all this hype will bring inevitably to some kind of a disappointment after the event in a way or another. It’s inevitable that few predictions will be missed, nevertheless Apple after the major disappointment of the iPhone 4s made 46 billions of revenues last quarter alone even after almost every blogger stated his disappointment. How is that possible? Let me say that: those bloggers want page views and the easiest way to obtain it is throwing shit on Apple, but in the end, consumers do value good products themselves and that’s exactly what happened with the iPhone 4s.
It’s easy to make 100 different predictions and then says ‘I got it, you see I was right, you should count on me even for the next keynote’ or ‘What I suggested what actually better, what a disappointment’ at the end you gain lots of page views (and money if you’re paid for each page view as many of them actually are), but you haven’t added anything relevant in the tech scene, just rubbish.

Unfortunately most of the tech bloggers nowadays are more interested in page views than they are in writing a sincere article, but there will always be few articles that are outstanding and authors who try to add their own voices.
And that is what really matters in the end.

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