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I was browsing the app store randomly, reading reviews, when I stumbled on one in particular:

Watch app is useless without iPhone.

by Paranormalkid69

Why? Seems like lazy development. The watch should be able to do such a basic task without iPhone connected. Shame

The fact is that with the current state of WatchKit the app lives on your iPhone. That’s how the framework works, but of course, the typical user doesn’t know about it.

It’s so sad. This developer got an unhappy customer and a 1-star review for no fault of his own. I’m not blaming the customer. I bought a watch and I notice that Apple apps work on their own on the watch, so of course, I assume that every app should work and if it doesn’t it means that the developer is just being lazy, but that’s not the case.

Apple should really give developers a way to answer to reviews, like the Google Play Store. It’s just so unfair.

As it stands now there is really no point for a developer to bother reading reviews at all since he can’t do anything at all about them.

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