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I haven’t prepared a topic for today. As I said I usually try to find it the day before so I always have a starting point, but not today. So get ready for a rumble.

I’ve been working on my own for almost a year now. Looking back transitioning after 2 years of working full time for someone else way great. I learned a lot of how a medium sized works and operates and that knowledge transitioned well into working for yourself.

It’s not all better though. There are a lot of administrative burdens that take a lot of time, on top of finding clients and work (if you don’t have already an estabilished client base with stable work). Summing up it all it is still worth to make the jump if you’re that kind of person. It is definitely not for everyone though and you shouldn’t feel forced to do it if you don’t feel like it even though as working remotely it seems like everybody is doing it nowadays.

Not having a steady income is also a big problem. I was in a position where I could make the jump and I sized the moment. It would be different if I had more responsibilities or if I didn’t have the opportunity to save as much as I did the previous 2 years. Make sure to have at least a few months of living expenses covered because it might be slow in the beginning.

Anyone on the same journey? How is it going?

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