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It seems that after 1 year the keyboard on my macbook pro has given in.

The spacebar works really rarely. It could work fine for ten minutes and later on not work properly for 20 seconds straight. At times you press the key 20 times and nothing registers, at times you press it and 50% of the clicks get registered.

The worst thing is that I usually type relatively fast and having to stop and go back to fix the spacebar not firing make me lose focus (on top of the annoyance).

A few of the other keys are also showing their first signs of problems, but nothing close to what’s happening with the spacebar. Thinking that this is a 2k+ EUR machine is heartbreaking.

“Luckily” Apple has recognized the problem and has extended the warranty to 4 years for 2018 MacBook Pro keyboards. I just hope that this problem does not happen every year and that if a new keyboard is going to be installed it is the newer version with the plastic wrap. It is still a crap keyboard, but it is at least better than the current version.

I still have problems with the speakers so I will ask about those as well, but I’m not so optimistic about it.

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