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In every project, the same problem is bound to happen (if you care and do localization - tip: you should do it, even if you plan to release your app just in English, just set it up.): You add an element to storyboard and you want to translate it, but you have a .strings file in that language already and the changes aren’t propagated automatically. If you follow the various “guides” online that tell you to remove and re-add the file you’ll end up with a new file and you’d need to retranslate everything all over. Same with localizable.string: If you run genstrings again you will lose your localization!

I found an even better way. Check the bottom of the post!

If you just have a few elements you can just add them manually (use the other entries to help you).

  • Go to Main.storyboard
  • Select the element to translate (a label for example)
  • Go to the custom class bar (the third one) in the right sidebar
  • Copy the Object-ID in the Document section
  • Switch back to your Main.strings file
  • Paste the id like this:

    “YjH-1m-BVM.text” = “Increase by”;

Note: Make sure to add the .text at the end of the Object-ID, the same thing for other elements (it’s not always .text so be wary), it’s what you would use in code [I guess] to access the text property. You can use the rest of the .strings file previously autogenerated to help you with that.

##A Better Way

I forgot that shipping with OSX there is a great utility called “FileMerge” that compares the differences between two files.

Here’s what to do (works even if you need to edit a lot of entries):

  • Open Xcode and turn on a new localization
  • Generate the .strings file for the localization
  • Drag the strings file for the localization you want to update on the left and the .strings file that Xcode just generated on the right (or vice-versa)
  • On the next screen, you will see both files side by side with all the differences highlighted. Now just copy and paste whatever you want to change.
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